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New Video from Banda de Turistas

By Bianca D.   

Banda de Turistas is one of those bands that has been on my radar for many years without me even knowing it. I first heard of them through a friend of mine in my study abroad program in Argentina. At that time (2009, in case you were wondering), I hadn’t been exposed to too many of the indie bands from Argentina. I knew the mainstream bands but if there’s one thing I learned during study abroad it’s that Buenos Aires takes their music seriously. Even if it’s tango or tango rock, they will get you movin’ and groovin.’ Banda de Turistas was one of those bands that had me hooked immediately.

This video is being released as the second single from their album “Lo que más querés” and it features cameos by Adrian Dargelos from Babasónicos and the Colombian actor, Anderson Ballesteros.

Screenshot from Delivery de Milagros

Screenshot from Delivery de Milagros

This video was also directed by Milton Kremer and it follows Banda de Turistas as they’re being persecuted by Anderson Ballesteros under Adrián Dargelos’ orders. Upon some research, I found that Ballesteros is known for his character El Chili en the series “El Patrón del Mal” so I’m guessing this is a pretty believable task of his.

The video is a pretty entertaining mini-movie and the song will get stuck in your head. Enjoy the video!

Author: Bohemia Staff

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