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5 Song Picks from La Bohemia – Bianca D.

By Bianca D.   

We all have songs that we’ve listened to on repeat so many times that we have them memorized. Some, well they’re a little embarrassing but they still define us in some way. They might remind us of a specific moment in our life or they simply take us away to another land. In this series, we (at La Bohemia) will be giving you a list of 5 songs that have defined us. You’ll realize that our taste is pretty varied, to say the least. This week, it’s Bianca’s turn.

1. Magento – “Vuela, Vuela”
“I’ll start with the most embarrassing song. ‘Vuela, Vuela’ is the first song that I remember loving so much that everything would stop for that song. I would run into the room and make everyone quiet down. I’m pretty sure I had a dance routine for it. I only recently found out that it’s actually a cover of ‘Voyage, Voyage’ by Desireless. I feel like I was lied to my whole life. However, I can assure you that my music taste has improved quite a bit. I mean, it had no where to go but up.”

2. Julian Casablancas – “11th Dimension”
“I’m a huge fan of The Strokes so when I found out that Julian Casablancas (pretty much the mastermind behind The Strokes) was doing a solo thing, I was excited. His first album was this synthesizer heavy, 80’s sounding musical explosion that no one was ready to hear. He wasn’t totally content with the outcome but I loved it. Whenever I want to have a good day, I make sure to play this song. It hasn’t failed me yet.”

3. El Gran Silencio – “Dejenme Si Estoy Llorando”
“My musical taste was heavily influenced by my sister when I was younger. Everything that she liked, I liked. She got into Rock en Español, which meant that every trip we took to Mexico, we went to find bootlegged copies of tapes and CDs of bands that we couldn’t find here. I can remember being in the car with her and we would turn up the volume to the max and sing this song at the top of our lungs.”

4. Café Tacvba – “Como Te Extraño”
“Leo Dan meets Café Tacvba. This is another reminder of my childhood. I loved them from the beginning but I remember that this was the song that solidified it for me. I was sold on how cool they were and are.”

5. The Strokes – “I’ll Try Anything Once”

“I warned you that I was pretty obsessed with The Strokes. My teenage years were filled with Brand New, The Strokes, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Less than Jake, etc. However, with The Strokes, I remember thinking that it was so cool that these 5 guys came from such different backgrounds: Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, Danish, and who knows what else. This song was one of my favorites because it was a demo version of “You Only Live Once” and it’s stripped down so much that it’s ridiculously amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to see this song live and it was everything that I wanted.”

Author: Bohemia Staff

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