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5 Cheesy Love Songs

By Bianca D.   

Some of us have a significant other and some of us don’t, which means that some of us are bitter and some of us aren’t. However, there’s one thing that is universally accepted: Cheesy love songs make the world go ’round. They’re so ridiculous. They’re so over the top but our love for them is inevitable.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (or Día del Amor y la Amistad), I’m going to share my cheesy love songs that I’ve either sent, had sent to me, or that I love. I hope you enjoy!

1. Monica – “For You I Will”
I wanted to start this list with the beginning of my love life — my first boyfriend. I don’t know if he really counts as a boyfriend considering we were in 5th grade, I think. I had had a crush on him since 2nd grade. This was pretty serious! Please note that I say that with great sarcasm. This boy was pretty cheesy. He made me a mixtape with 3 options for “our song.” I don’t remember the other two but this one really stood out. Needless to say, it wasn’t forever.

2. Café Tacvba – “Eres”
I really liked this one guy and we were exchanging links of songs that we really liked via gchat. Of course, for me that meant that I was going to send him songs that subtly told him how I feel about him. I chose this one because at the moment, I really liked him. He really liked the song but his response was less than desirable. His entire takeaway from that romantic song choice was, “The girl in the video is super hot.” Yeah, that’s not what I was trying to say.

3. Adam Sandler – “Grow Old With You”
I had this song dedicated to me recently and it sure did get me to tear up. I just really enjoyed the part when he says that he would do the dishes. For those of you that don’t know me, I really hate doing dishes so that was the best news I’ve ever received. I’m thinking of making him sign a contract so that I have that in writing forever.

4. Incubus – “Miss You”
This is a pretty fantastic song. I used to love Incubus growing up and this one just seems so romantic but also pretty different from everything else they’ve done. It’s such a great song to describe those feelings that you get when you’re in love.

5. Moulin Rouge Soundtrack – “Come What May”
One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I love musicals. I blame my college roommate who loved playing the songs whenever we tried to clean. I also really dig Ewan McGregor and I remember that this was one of my favorite movies because I am totally cliched and love Baz Luhrmann. I remember that this was such a great song and real turning point in the movie. I’ve joked around with my friends that I might want this as my wedding song, which still doesn’t sound so terrible.

Bonus: Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply”
No list is complete without this song. It’s so cheesy.

Hope you enjoy my list and that everyone has a great Valentine’s day!

Author: Bohemia Staff

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